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galveston sketching texas urban sketching Apr 07, 2021


 Hey there friends,

I started urban sketching in the summer of 2019 in my favorite historic town in Texas...Galveston.

I’ve been traveling to Galveston since I was 10 years old and for me it brings back memories of my grandmother who also loved to travel and eat good food (guess we had something in common).

I didn’t realize how many beautiful historic houses were in that sweet little town until I rented a bike and rode around the island. I was totally hooked after that so I went back with a sketchbook in hand and started urban sketching the houses I loved the most.

What is urban sketching?

It's sketching on location in your favorite city or town.

Urban sketching allowed me to see all the architectural details of the houses in greater perspective than I did if I took a picture of it.

It also allowed me to appreciate the design and architecture much more than I had all those years in the past.

Now I make it a point to travel to Galveston as much as I can to urban sketch all those beautiful houses I missed years before. Every time I go there, I find more houses I’d never seen before which is fascinating to me. A friend of mine purchased me a cool Galveston Architecture Guidebook to navigate my urban sketching a little better.

I encourage you to get out and urban sketch in your favorite town and eat your favorite food while your there. Enjoy my latest urban sketches from March, 2021 below.

Sketch On,









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